Temple mornings


Temple mornings

Ive always dreamed of having a career in teaching, I felt I had the patience and the love to share what i knew.. Of course I always looked at it with respect to the dental aspect. Little did I know that I would choose another work path, or that it would find me..

After attending one of my photography workshops, one student from Oakridge chose photography for a personal project submission. As part of the mentorship program, I promised to accompany her on 2-3 shoots, and so we took an early morning drive to Shamshabad to the Sree Seetha Ram Swamy temple. I truly believed I was a night person till photography happened – and i started seeing sunrises (something I have never done before through school and college). To add to the morning excitement was demo gear by Sony – the A7R3, and had an 18mm f1.8 lens mounted on it (which belongs to a good friend).

We saw the sun come up on the temple, and we saw it awaken to the morning… Also made a mental note to go witness this absolutely beautiful place at sunset too – when the sun would go down behind the temple.






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