Print your photos, you must!

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Print your photos, you must!

Photography can mean different things to different people… I’ve said this probably one too many times. But it is that true!

To one, it may simply be a cathartic platform, a camera used as a vessel to exercise one’s creativity after a gruelling day; to another, a lens may merely be a tool to capture the unprecedented moments, highlighting those they love. Either way, would you want those encapsulated pictures to be decaying in a hard disk?

Photographs are only of any meaning when you can feel the glossy print beneath your fingers, reigniting the memory that was translated onto paper. Wasting away in a hard disk, these captured memories lay forgotten, and slowly taper off the weight of the passion with which the photographer shot it. So, for every meaningful photo that resides in your hard disk- whether it’s of light doodles that your child gleefully drew or a simple family portrait- print it, for you may stand the risk of the memory slowly ebbing away.

Today you remember, but tomorrow you may forget. Printed, and you shall find yourself reminded of it every day.

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