Coffee Table Albums

Most people realize only when they’re old and graying how much they’d like to relive some memories. Whether the memories consist of your immortal years as a rebelling teenager, or the friendships you formed bonding over teaching one another how to ride motorcycles in college. Maybe it’s the set of friends who bandaged your scraped knees after taking a fall from the bike or the family splattered colour onto your cheeks on Holi, it’s those memories that compel you to stop time and implore to allow you to relive them all together again.

Seeing as time travelling is a task yet to be achieved, we offer you a simpler alternative, although admittedly not quite as alluring as defying physics: coffee table books. These books have an endless spectrum of possibilities, each as different as they come. They could encompass your childhood, from the adorable yet embarrassing dance moves you put on display to the birthday parties with cake splattered all over your face. They may revolve around your booming career, from the initial baby steps you cautiously took to the tenth anniversary of your success.

From artwork to portfolios to an ode to one or many relationships, coffee table books inspire you, from igniting a creative spark at the sight of a familiar cotton tee you wore when you were seventeen, or bringing a smile to your face when you witnessed the first tinkle of laughter that escaped your child. The possibilities are endless. So write to us now, to translate those memories onto paper, reminding you of the golden days before, and emboldening you to create some now.

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