Ajay & Petra

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Ajay & Petra

When Sweden met India…

Ajay was on our photography team for about a year, and in all that time managed to make himself an integral part of all our operations. Whether it was the photography, the fine art printing or even being my systems advisor till current day! 

He also shot and printed one of my best portraits! So obviously when he told me that he had finally received his papers and was moving to Sweden for his sweetheart of a few years, we were sad to see him leave! 

Life resumed back to normal, and one day Ajay called me to tell me about his wedding dates, and asked if I would be available to shoot it. Imagine my excitement, and as the wedding day got closer, my nervousness. To shoot a wedding for a fellow photographer is not just an honour, but also a tad bit scary.

In comes Petra, the warmest cutest girl, so obviously in love with Ajay, that it warmed and fuzzied up everyone around her! Petra was new to the whole Indian wedding scenario but she enjoyed every moment of it. Her excitement was infectious, and for us those 3 days passed by too soon! 

If you were to ask us what we liked best about this wedding (apart from the fact that it was a wedding of one of our own) – it would be that it was cozy, intimate and warm (oh so warm!)

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